How about a pleasant massage?

The program is divided into two courses: Basic Sweetsy and Special Emotional VIP Sweetsy. Basic 구월동 마사지 Sweetsy A course consists of 120,000 won per 60 minutes, B course 150,000 won per 90 minutes, special emotional VIP Sweetsy C course 150,000 won per 60 minutes, and D course 180,000 won per 90 minutes. The shop is open from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m. and is open 24/7 for 365 days, so it’s not a burden to visit anytime.

Busan Male Massage – See-through
The last shop I’m going to introduce is see-through located in Seomyeon, Busan. It is a shop that is located near the Seomyeon Mariposa intersection and specializes in Swedish massage. All Korean massage paramedics in their 20s live in this shop, so it’s a great place to get comfortable and meticulous care. Free parking is available in the building, so you can use your own car to visit.

The program is divided into 3 emotional and Swedish courses. Course A is 100,000 won per 60 minutes, course B is 120,000 won per 60 minutes, and course C is 150,000 won per 80 minutes. The shop is open 24 hours a day, so it’s a good shop to visit on weekends or holidays.

I know it’s hard to sit down, but I know it’s hard to find

Were you there?

If I have a backache, I’ll just do the head side.

I thought you were supposed to relax your muscles.

You need to relax your hip muscles in general.

He says he feels comfortable.

He used his elbows to loosen it up.

You’re doing it exactly so that it doesn’t hurt too much.

It hurt at first, but then it was cool.

You know, the sound comes out of nowhere.

I’ve taken it step by step from the shoulder.

I wasn’t much different from my boyfriend.

The person who massages Guwol Dong massager.

Fortunately, I’m not having a hard time communicating.

I’m sick. I’m begging you to be gentle.

I can tell you what I want in detail.

I felt relieved.

I’m a lot of people here and there, and I’m more of a

I tend to feel cooler, so the degree of acupressure is…

I really liked it.
You can feel your neck cool, so you’re nervous.

It didn’t hurt after it was released.

He only found a blood spot on his back.

I thought I was going to fly away to happiness on this day.
The first time I get it, I get so nervous that I get sick.

They say you can fly, but I don’t have any of that.

I didn’t have one, but rather I could stay light.

There was.

He also gave me a cool massage on my arm.

My butt hurt a lot too.

I only cared about exercise. I thought about letting her go.

I’ve never seen it before, but it’s the blood on my legs.

It feels like we’re on the same wavelength.
The feeling that the elbow is more certain than the hand

He did.

Next, cover your legs with a warm towel.

It’s on.

Cream for smooth handwork

I put it on and started.
Find the place where your feet hurt and let them go.

It’s cool that you’re walking down the street.

There’s something you can solve.
There’s some stiffness, but it’s gone.

I feel like I’m going to buy it. It was a bit dark earlier.

It felt like my blood was turning well and white.
comfortable to the tip of one’s toes.

After the two of us got the September Dong Massage,

I was so satisfied that I decided to stop by next time.

If you’re thinking about going somewhere for a date, it’s cool.

How about a pleasant massage?

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