Why I come here when I get skin care

When I opened the door, I found a bright interior.

He was welcoming me. The combination of pink and gold

It looks sophisticated and women will like it.

Maybe it’s because you clean and quarantine every time.

I got the impression that it was neat.

I saw you changing into your slippers.

I saw a self-bar on the left.

I saw the coffee machine I wanted.

It was nice to taste it here.

On the other hand, I was very relieved because there was a partition in the shower room of Mapo Shop.

At the 24 o’clock massage shop, skin care products, disposable products, hair combs, etc. were all prepared, so I really liked the convenience of using it without having to bring anything after work like me.

He’s been quarantined so thoroughly.

It also contains phytoncide when visiting on the same day.

He’s sterilizing it with his own weapon.

I could see it.

About my face condition and the care I’m getting today.

To listen to the explanations and make a checklist.

I came into the counseling room. It’s got all kinds of certificates.

I’ve noticed the awards and trophies.

The director of the 천안 문테라피 Moonjeong-dong skin care department

I have no choice but to admit that my skills are superior.

Almond Pill Moonjeong-dong Skin Care I received on this day!

We have a variety of things, starting with the aquafil.

I’m going to have a face-to-face examination with the director.

Check your skin type and see what it looks like.

I’m gonna make sure it’s going to work.

I think it’d be nice to host.

While you’re getting ready for bed, the main hall.

I came out and looked around while eating snacks.

There were hand sanitizers and spray disinfectants.

I’m going to make sure you don’t worry.

I’ll prepare every little thing thoroughly.

He was working on it to make sure there were no problems.

Sit down and eat some snacks and take a full shot.

I wanted to show you, so I took a picture.

It’s time for my skin lotion to fall off.

The moisturizing cream I buy here fits really well.

Should I skip basic products and apply moisturizing cream only?

I’m standing there thinking about it, and I’m gonna need you to take care.

They asked me to move, so I decided to think about it more.

This is my favorite hallway.

The slightly transparent part on the right is the counseling room.

And they all have doors like hotels.

I’m not going to have to face anyone in private.

You can get care. Corona.

These days, you can get it with more confidence.

When I enter the room, I feel that it’s really spacious.

It’s not stuffy because it has a window.

One by one, once the care is over, we’ll disinfect phytoncide.

Through ventilation, for the next person.

They prepared it for us.

And the bed is an anti-Rus cleaner sheet.

Using a wet tissue that can wipe out more than 99 percent,

I was relieved that it was very clean.

It was a towel and a maintenance suit set up in the dressing room, but it was so witty that I put in one! Mapo 2-Massage Shop has the charm of taking care of each other in a pleasant way.

I wanted to drink something sweet after the massage, but they gave me mango juice. Juice was perfect for my taste. After receiving the massage at the massage shop at 24 o’clock, I felt much better and healed properly after a long time ago.

When I was in Munjeong-dong skin care, I was able to come here.

One of the reasons is that they’re thoroughly disinfected and disinfected.

But once you get into the room, you go back out.

I’m glad I don’t have to go out.

The travel route is rather short.

I’m wearing a gown, and I’m looking for a hand or face.

We have toilet facilities for cleaning.

It’s comparable to any high-quality esthetic.

The tools you’re using, like this, use a sterilizer.

You were taking care of it hygienically.

Spatulana from place to place with Jung-gu heating system

I think it’s good because the tools don’t come out.

I’m going to get a face.

I washed my face and lied down.

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