It was so nice to be able to eat while doing foot massage.

Her edema’s very severe, and her circulation is usually very high.

He’s a bad guy.

So I have to move around a lot.

I sit in my room every day because of the corona.

I’m busy working at work, so I’m on my desk more than 10 hours

I sat down and worked, and I couldn’t get out of it.

The edema can pile up as much as it can, and the leg can explode.

It makes me think that there is.

The pain in my shoulder and neck has gotten so severe.

So I should have my own healing time on weekend. I want to

I checked Songpa 송파 마사지 massage.

At first, all I saw was skin care and oil massage.

But what I want to receive is…

It was edema, pain management, and so on.

Meanwhile, my friend asked me if I recognized the Hanseong Baekje station in The Foot Shop.

He told me.

There are a lot of people like me who want to get intensive care.

It’s called this place.

Sports general management, aroma management, special foot management, lower body slimming, etc.

I thought it was a place where I could get professional care.

“Baekje Ancient Tombs 505 in Songpa-gu, Seoul’

I took the address and it was close to where I was.

If you’re too far away, no matter how good it is,

It’s hard to visit.

This is Exit 1 of Hansung Baekje Station on Line 9 towards Songpa Bangi Park.

It was located 2-3 minutes’ walk away!

2nd floor of the JENNIEAL OFFICEL PR distribution center @

It’s a convenient place for people like me who don’t have a car to visit.

And parking was also free of charge.

It’s close to Jamsil. If it wasn’t for Corona, it’s over.

It’s too bad you’ve been around the mall.^^

The business hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 a.m.

So a lot of office workers come after work.

There’s a good shower in the shop anyway.

After work, I got a cool Songpa massage here.

I thought it would be perfect to wash up.

It’s refreshing from the entrance.

It was a lift.

It’s kind of a wonderfully positive place.

It made me think.
I was looking forward to it.

The atmosphere in the store was great too.

When I go around massage parlors, the interior is always different.

In some places, there is a place where you can feel too bright and bright.

I don’t think that’s the kind of atmosphere that makes me feel so cozy.

I think a slightly darker place suits me better.

It feels cozy, and cozy.

I think the tension in my body is getting better, too.

And since it’s the Corona period, there’s a lot of quarantine.

It was this place.

What’s more, it’s a place where people’s bare skin meets.

I heard you’re paying close attention to hygiene.

And make sure that everyone who visits this place is safe.

Along with two types of hand sanitizers, there was also a heat check.

As soon as I went in, I washed my hands with a hand sanitizer.

I checked my fever with a thermometer and entered.

As soon as I came in, I felt something fragrant.

I found out that there was a warm tea on the side.

It was called Yongjeong tea, but it didn’t smell too much and it tasted soft.

It was perfect for drinking while I was waiting.

And the temperature is kept warm.

It was enough to warm up your frozen body in the cold winter!
They also prepared a very simple snack type.

It was so nice to be able to eat while doing foot massage.

Especially my favorite rice snack!

And even sweet candies are so witty.

You can dip your feet in warm water and go all the way to here.


I felt like I was getting some real healing.
This is the place where you can get Balmases.

It’s called The Foot Shop.

Especially, this place pays a lot of attention to foot Songpa massage.

It looked like it!!

I could see foot-related interior props here and there.

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