Let’s get rid of fatigue stress with a massage

Corona is getting serious again across the country. It’s more serious than it was when it first occurred, so people’s worries are enormous, and I thought the most important thing at this time was to protect my health and immunity. With the strengthening of distance keeping, our store is closed, so I’m taking a rest.
Since I’ve been working all this time, I felt that my recovery is very slow. I worked all night every day and kept working without enough sleep, so I could definitely feel that I had lost a lot of stamina. While I was resting at the store, I was thinking about working out to improve my physical strength, but I thought it was a priority to rest.
I don’t think I’m working out while my body is too stiff. I try to rest my body, but it doesn’t seem like I’m resting. So I decided to go get a massage in Daegu even if I’m a little worried about corona. Usually, I go around to get a massage if I’m too tired, but it definitely worked well.
I didn’t always go there, so I started searching for new places like nomads, and this time I found a place called Top Sports Aroma. People’s reviews are very good, and most of all, I went there for a simple reason because I was having a discount event for the first anniversary event in such a difficult time due to economic difficulties.
I had to make a reservation before I left, so I made a simple reservation by phone, but the voice of a very kind employee was so comfortable when I made a reservation. When I actually visited, I felt that the staff here were very kind. I made a reservation and visited Chimsan Nam-ro 157 in Buk-gu, Daegu, which was a place with good accessibility.
I took a car and it was easy to park and easy to find, so it was easy for me, a novice driver, to get there. It’s not that difficult to come by public transportation. I arrived so comfortably that it was on the 5th floor of the building, so when I took the elevator up, I could see the banner right away, but as soon as I went inside, I was surprised by the larger space than I thought.
As soon as I went into the massage, I checked the quarantine and disinfected my hands. Seeing that you were so meticulous, I felt relieved because of the corona. I went in like that, but it was not only spacious but also very luxurious interior. I think it’s the best massage shop I’ve ever been to.
I was sitting for a while after checking my massage reservation, and the waiting area was so comfortable, and after a while, the counselor came to help me with the consultation. There were so many different types of massage here, and I decided to choose from the ones on sale. If it’s over 60 minutes, it’s the same for 10,000 won discount, but there’s a special sale.
Discounts are only available when you make a reservation, so I recommend you make a reservation if you’re coming! The list of 1st anniversary events included foot bath + sports massage at 30,000 won, foot bath + aroma massage at 50,000 won, membership for more than 60 minutes, 10,000 won discount, and foot massage at 30,000 won.
And it’s not a decadent place, so I think there are some female guests. Even if I’m a woman, I think I can come without any burden because the ceiling is open. And it was more reliable because the male and female teachers all worked together. So I decided to take a foot bath and a sports massage.
The counselor explained what was a good massage and what fit me, so I could choose easily. She gave me a change of clothes after the consultation, so I was able to change into the clothes. Of course there was a dressing room and a shower room. After changing my clothes, I started taking foot baths, but after taking a foot bath, I felt like my body was warmed up and my blood circulation 천안마사지 was starting to feel better.
After taking a sufficient amount of sleeping foot bath, I got to do Daegu massage. There were a lot of rooms here. There was a couple room and a four-person room, most of the rooms were neat and tidy, and there was nothing but a bad, so it felt clean. I went into a couple room alone and got it, and I thought it would be good to come with a friend or girlfriend next time.
As soon as I lay down on the bed, the massage started. The male therapy gave me a massage, and at first, it was a little weak and relaxed, but it got stronger. I think it was a massage with a strong feeling of coolness rather than feeling painful even if it was intensified. It was so refreshing to see the pain. After 60 minutes, I felt so refreshed and light because I felt so refreshed and light.
After the massage, I rested for a while, washed up, and it was over.
It’s been a while since I’ve had a day off, so I’m warmed up and I’m recovering.
I think it was a good opportunity for me to take a vacation that I decided to stay away from. If I have a chance to get a Daegu massage, I think I should come to Top Sports Aroma from now on and I would like to recommend it. Now I want to end my nomadic life and settle down here, and thank you to the therapy staff and staff for being so kind and relaxing

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