It is expected that the burden will be reduced further.

Due to the re-proliferation of Corona, I think many small business owners across the country are experiencing difficulties. With the number of confirmed cases reaching 1,000, cafes, restaurants, and PC rooms were again restricted from operating after 9 p.m. The government and various financial institutions have provided a lot of support, such as offering low-interest loans to small business owners affected by the corona. This time, customized damage support measures have been released for the collective prohibition industry. So today, we’re going to take some time to find out about the 10 million won loan in the non-collective sector and the news of the interest rate and guarantee rate cut for small businesses.

10 million won loan for businesses prohibited from collecting.

This is a customized support measure for small business owners who are suffering from the third proliferation of Corona. The decision came as the livelihood of small business owners operating in the collective prohibition sector became unstable due to the implementation of social distance, and the important thing is that they can be used 폰테크 regardless of whether they use existing small business loans.

The support system is expected to help 100,000 companies across the country, and it is expected to help small business owners who have been suffering from financial difficulties as they can borrow loans with the benefit of reduced security fees.

10 million won loan condition for businesses prohibited from collecting.

1. Warranty charges

– Warranty charges are waived in the first year of the loan, and a guaranteed rate of 0.6 percent per year is applied in the second and fifth years. Currently, we have an annual guarantee rate of 0.9%, but this guarantee rate will be reduced by 0.3%.

2. Loan Interest Rate

– In the case of lending rates, the interest rate on small business loans was from a minimum of 2% to a maximum of 4% per year, which would be even lower. This depends on the voluntary decision of the banking sector, which is not expected to be lowered uniformly, but will soon reveal the interest rate of special support for small business owners in the non-collective sector.

3. Loan limit

– The limit is 10 million won per company. It’s a rental loan program with a total budget of 1 trillion won.

4. Supported Targets

– Prohibited and restricted industries are eligible, with a total of 100,000 companies on the list.

Application for 10 million won in collective prohibition businesses

For this special support, it will start on January 18, 2021. Applications can be made at 12 commercial banks and 6121 local banks that handle small business secondary loans. Nine of these banks can apply online through mobile phone applications or access to Internet websites.

Lower guarantee rate for small business owners’ secondary loans

In addition, the financial authorities decided to lower the guarantee rate to eliminate the subsidies of small businesses’ secondary loans as soon as possible, which was 0.9 percent for users in the first year, but lowered it to 0.3 percent. The average lending limit for small and medium-sized second-tier loans is about 20 million won.

Second-tier loan rate cut for small business owners

The interest rate of the original small business secondary loan program was about 4.99% per year, but it is also applied to 3.99%, which is 1% lower, to help small business owners stabilize their economy as they expect the rise in social distance would have worsened their economic difficulties.

In addition, low interest rates can provide 200 billion won in emergency management stabilization funds or 2.4 trillion won in special guarantees for small and medium-sized companies affected by Corona 19, which is expected to further reduce the burden on the underprivileged, who were forced to suffer from high interest rates.

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