I highly recommend it to you.

Hello! Finally, the long-awaited Friday is back! Yay~ Shout out loud! Great job, everyone. I made a reservation to go get the Suwon Gunma for me who worked hard this week. On days when I had frequent meetings, business trips, and overtime, I got a refreshing aroma massage from Suwon, and after that day, I always go to get a massage to relieve my fatigue. I’d like to introduce this to you. Today, I’m going to talk about the massage shop I’ve been to!

At first, I didn’t even think about going to get a massage. I thought it would be vaguely expensive because I’m a stranger and I don’t have any experience. My friend introduced me to “I’m into Gunma” and told me that I need to relieve my body fatigue first to eliminate mental stress and improve the efficiency of my work. So, I went there, and I’m not only close to my house, but I’m also good at it, so I’ve already been a regular visitor for almost a year!

You can get more benefits by signing up as a member, and those who made reservations in advance can use it at a really low price. In my case, I arrived earlier than I thought, so I waited at the waiting zone for a while. It was great to be able to sit down and wait comfortably without waiting in front of the counter.

The weather was very cold. ㅠㅠ On the day we decided to go to Suwon to get the horse, we had a cold wave warning, so we literally wore long padded jackets and mufflers, but it was so cold. It was better because it was warm inside when I arrived, but my teacher brought me a cup of warm tea. You said it was herbal tea, but it warmed your 동대문건마 body and it was good for relieving mental stress, so I drank it all without leaving a single drop! My hands got warmer, and I felt better.

Finally, it’s time to choose the menu~ It’s famous for Suwon’s lowest price massage, so you can understand why, right? It’s really cheap. Even considering the price and the surrounding market price, I’m very lucky to get such a high-quality massage at this price, and I was able to use it more cost-effectively as I went into the membership discount + reservation discount. I chose the Swedish massage! Oh, by the way, if you don’t know what to choose, if you ask for a consultation, the teacher will kindly consult you.

It’s almost time to take a foot bath. It’s a big merit that we didn’t have to wait because the members prepared in advance according to the reservation schedule. I’m not jealous of anything in the world because they’re taking a foot bath with aroma oil that’s not cold or hot at the right temperature! This is why everyone is coming to Suwon.

We’re finally in the care room. As soon as I lay down on the bed, I felt warm and happy. The moment I almost fell asleep, my teacher came in and gave me an amazing massage! I was surprised how good your skills were. Suwon Gunma, who was very satisfied, I highly recommend you.

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