I hope you catch all the top exposure on the blog.

I work in a place where viral marketing is intense.

I tried various ways to catch the top exposure.

I’ve studied elsewhere, and I’ve competed and lost in high-level exposure through that.

As a result, I learned how to expose myself to the highest level of exposure so I’ll share it with you.

Let’s start right away.

This is how you should pay attention to the blog’s top exposure.

1. Insert 1 subject keyword and 5 or more contents (natural)
2. 1,500 characters or more
3. Images (insert keywords in description), 10 or more (more is better)
4. Insert Movie (Insert Keywords in Movie Title)
5. Blog Index Has A Lot of Impact

I’ve been in a really intense competition, and I’ve been fighting over the top three or four people a day.

I post it like the way above.

But if the competition isn’t as fierce as ours, you don’t have to work so hard.

However, I beat all blogs with high blog indices (which I’ve been raising for years) through this method.

I’m a blogger for the 3rd week, and the method above definitely works.

When uploading images and videos, you have to name the file as a keyword.

So when you search on Naver, you 구글상위노출 can also see the image.

It’s detailed, right?

I’ll explain it in more detail.

1. Insert 1 subject keyword, 5 content keywords naturally ★★

Put a keyword that you want to put on the top of the title naturally.

We recommend placing keywords in front of the title.

And please repeat about 5 keywords naturally.

It’s not hard, is it?

2. 1,500 characters or more

You can just write more than 1,500 characters.

Press Ctrl + A to copy the character count check to Ctrl + C.

On Naver, you can see a window that counts the number of letters.

You can check the number of characters excluding spaces there.

3. Images (insert keywords in description), 10 or more (more is better)

If I get the top exposure keyword on my blog,

This is how the image is named as the blog’s top exposure.

You can enter keywords like this in the image description.

Please enter it naturally.

Top Blog Exposures Guide First Tips!

Like this ^^

And the number of images is more than 10 and the more, the better.

Actually, you can grab the top even if you raise 2 or 3.

If the blog index is good.

But I have low blogging, fierce competition, and I’ve been over-reacting.

We’re working on keywords.

But I’m pretty sure it’sure. ^^

4. Insert Movie (Insert Keywords in Movie Title)

If you write the title of the video, keyword, and introduction information for the video, the probability of getting the top is very high.

Wouldn’t it be better if we upload the video file name as a keyword name like an image?

It will also be exposed to the keyword’s video items.

Like you’re exposed to this tab.

Do you understand?

5. Blog Index Impact ★★★

Keywords are important, but I think the blog index is the most important.

I think there are over 1,000 blog posts and blogs that communicate with neighbors will definitely have a high index, right?

Such blogs don’t keep the content up there, and if you repeat the title and keyword 2 or 3 times, it’s easy to catch the top exposure.

So, eventually, I want to keep my blog long, communicate with my neighbors, increase the number of visitors.

Overall, you need to put your affection into your blog to get the top exposure.

So, we’ve briefly looked at how to get the top exposure of blogs.

I have to grow my blog in a fierce battlefield of viruses ㅠㅠ

We have to work on excessive keywords.

So the above is from my experience, so please refer to it.

I hope you catch all the top exposure on the blog.

Then I’ll go to work.

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