I’ll approach the customers.

You know, the used car market has a nasty, nasty, dirty, false dealer.

I’d like to talk about it.

Do you feel it in the article above? I don’t know how much I despise false dealers.

I’m always saying this around me,

There’s never a cheap and good car.

There’s a lot of used car markets all over the country.

Regionally, there’s a lot of false accusers in Gyeonggi-do.

I’m sure many of you know that.

These days, a lot of people have 88카 moved from Bucheon to Suwon in Gyeonggi-do.

It’s a shame…suckers on people’s backs.

If you know what I’m telling you, you won’t get more than 80~90%.

Let’s hear the explanation.

Most of the customers search for used cars on the Internet.

Most of the used car sites on the Internet go to see cars.

Of course, a very low-cost vehicle that doesn’t make sense.

You’re suspicious and you’re on the phone.Just in case…

A false dealer answers a phone call. He took it from the auction house in a ridiculous way.

Oh, my God, my God, they’re deceiving their guests…

The guests are suspicious, but they go up there to check again…;;

I went up thinking that if it’s false, if it’s for sale, I could just come down.

be dragged from place to place by a group of people sticking togethergo

You’re gonna end up with it.

If you know what I’m telling you, you’re not gonna get beat up.

If you really don’t know, call me…I’ll take care of it.

Number one, I bought it from the auction house, but it’s absolutely false.

The auction house is a place where dealers from all over the country compete to buy it, so if it’s expensive, it’s expensive.

It’s a system that can’t be bought cheaply.I’m auctioning off, too.

Second, check out the proven Encana, KB Chachacha, etc.

If you concentrate on the vehicle you want for 20 minutes, you’ll be able to see it for a little while.

Third, call the local used car association. The dealer’s got a real employee ID.

Dealer or boss trade and owner

You can also call the owner directly after checking the name.

Fourth, it’s a way to use kahistory.

Of course it’s important to check the performance paper, but there are people who cheat on it.

It is also good to check insurance history using Cahistory.

There’s a lot of other options besides this, but the explanation is getting too long.crying

If you don’t know, just call me.

Because of these “false dealers” in our used car industry,

There’s a lot of bad looks and used car jobs that are misunderstood.

You want to be proud of your business card, but the false dealers…

Because of the image and atmosphere of the used car that ruined it.

When someone asks me, when I have to be proud of my job…

It’s time to flinch…I’m sure other used car dealers have felt that way.

I think…

Don’t be fooled anymore. You don’t hear good things even if you get a false sale.

There is never a cheap and good car.

We, Gwangju used car, New Motors, have absolutely no false sales.

We are notifying you of the accident status accurately.

If you don’t know, please call me.

Gwangju used car, New Gwangju Motors has a wide range of vehicles,

We’ll get you the price range and the vehicle you want with the consulting you want.!!!

Gwangju used car

New Gwangju Motors is a principle of absolute honesty and trust.

I’ll approach the customers.

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