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Hello I. This is a blog that tells you about your loans and financial news. If you are an employee, you can get a loan a little more smoothly because your income is constant compared to self-employed or freelancers. However, it is not that all workers can borrow as much as they want interest rates and limits. Today, I tried to arrange the loan for the worker so that I could look at what I have to find out when I get a loan from the worker. I hope that it will be a little useful information for the workers who need or plan to borrow.
tenure period
First, the basic condition is that the term of service must be over three months or more; for example, if you work from January 1, you can meet the loan conditions from April 1. If this condition does not apply, it will not be a credit loan condition.
four major insurance coverage period
As with the period of service, you must meet the four major insurance coverage periods for three months or more, sometimes you have a probation period or training period without taking four major insurance policies on the day you join. In this situation, even if the period of service is more than 3 months, it may be difficult to borrow because the period of the four major insurance policies is not met.
work health insurance payment
There must be at least three times of work health insurance payments; even if the four major insurance periods are more than three months, the company’s health insurance payment is less than three times, it is not met with the conditions.
pay receipt
The company’s salary performance is more than three times, as is the period of employment, the period of four major insurance coverage, and the number of southern workplace health insurance. You should have a record of your salary account having been transferred more than three times in the company name.
If you do not meet any of the above conditions, you will not be eligible for a worker loan.
1 Find out about loans for financial workers
If the above conditions are met, we will learn about how to find out the next loan.
order of finding out the worker loan
The most basic order in finding out the loan is to find out the bank of 1 financial institution first. Sometimes, because of the low credit rating, there are people who are dismissed by the bank loans of the 1 financial sector and get loans straight away. Loan loans can be easily applied, but not only does a single loan significantly lower creditworthiness, but also high interest rates should be borne. Therefore, you should first check out the bank loans of 1 financial institution.
domestic and foreign banks
When you decide on a bank to borrow, you should first check whether there is a bank that is conducting a preferential event for the worker before selecting the main bank. Also, if a loan is rejected by a domestic bank, a foreign bank can be found.
Domestic banks are somewhat difficult to get approval for loan screening, but they can get loans at relatively low interest rates. Contrary to this, foreign banks have better loan approval than domestic banks, but interest rates are a little higher. Even so, before you plan to make a 2-financial loan, you should also check out foreign bank loans (Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank).
1 Learn loans for financial workers 1 Learn loans for financial workers

saehun hall loan
Even if you have a certain income, it is difficult to get a 1-financial loan if you are using existing debt, card loan, or cash service. In this situation, I recommend you not to look for 2 financial institutions or lenders, and to look for a loan from 1 financial bank. SaeHoon Hall loan is a government-funded loan for low-income and low-income people. Employees with credit ratings of 7 to 8 can apply for loans.
Mr. Saehun Hall’s loan is less qualified than a bank in the 1st financial sector, so you should recognize even those 폰테크 with cash services, card loans, and existing debt. The rate is determined between 7 and 12 percent depending on the credit rating. It is higher than the one-financial worker loan, but the interest rate is lower than the two-financial loan or loan business. Please refer to the general loan arrangement for workers!
How to find a worker loan How to find a worker loan

Comparison of Financial Conditions of Three or More Financial Companies
If you are looking for a good conditioned bank because there is a difference in the preferred job or job category for each bank, you should look for at least three banks’ loan terms while selling. Even office workers in large corporations are not preferred by all banks, and some banks are more concerned about whether they have four major insurance policies and their working period than their jobs or company size.
caution of the number of times of the inquiry
I don’t recommend you to look into the Gazette in a few short periods of time; it’s a good idea to take the time and find three or so banks. If you apply for more than three or four places in a week, you can affect this next loan review. 2 Financial institutions and lenders are mostly similar in terms of conditions, so you do not have to look at them often.
employee loan document worker loan document

There are ways to apply for a loan by visiting the branch directly and applying on the Internet or smartphone.
application for visit to the business place
You must get your ID card (resident registration card, driver’s license) and submit your income confirmation documents and certificate of employment. The income confirmation documents are issued by the National Tax Service and are income confirmation certificate, income source collection receipt, and income amount certificate. You can get it from HomeTex, and you can also need employment insurance confirmation documents at the branch office.
The only way to apply on the Internet or on the spat phone is to have an official certificate registered with the bank, such as the bank account of Hyedang Bank.Earnings proof or required documents are automatically screened by scraping due to the banking system.

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