I think it’s great to be able to relax alone.

Let’s take a look at our daily lives for the first week of March.
The cookies that Seul made.
I brought some cookies that I made for the gym members.
I brought it last time, but I enjoyed it so much this time.
It was a cookie that tasted as good as a pretty heart.
a hip-hop man of
You look like you’re sleeping in my hat.
As always, exercise is always hard.
I’m working out hard in the morning, in the afternoon, in the athletes’ team.
I went on a trip to Yeosu alone on the weekend.
Sometimes I travel alone.
I think it’s great to be able to relax alone.
Jiu-Jitsu Time
This is how Lee In-jae and Hong Ki-won work out.
Lee In-jae was a martial arts enthusiast.
He says it’s so much fun to do the exercise he’s been thinking about.
Hong Ki-won is always kind to beginners and gives them skills and treats them kindly.
Junhyun and Jongin’s Sparring
Now middle school students.
Compared to when I first entered the gym, I think it’s a lot bigger.
A lot of female members are working out right now.
I’m having so much fun working out.
We didn’t know each other.
I’ve gotten a lot closer to the gym.
Most of you come alone, so at first, you may feel uncomfortable with unfamiliar spaces and strangers.
The soft atmosphere and friendly members welcome you.
They’re all working out hard.
Exercising with friends doubles the fun.
After the exercise, I do my best until the finishing exercise.
Kickboxing time
Mr. Kim Dae-jin, who works out hard despite his 주짓수 busy daily life.
You’re always very motivated.
Exercise improves learning skills in adolescence.
Exercise is essential to study well.
It’s important to study hard,
It’s also important to make our bodies study well.
Seo-kyung and Ko-eun.
Ko Eun-ah is working out with her husband.
Currently, two couples are working out.
It’s so nice to see you work out together and I’m so proud.
I’m done with the finishing touches, and a group shot.
Thank you for your efforts.
The weather has gotten a lot better, so I think it’s a good spring to exercise.
Even if it’s not jiujitsu or kickboxing,
I recommend you to spend some time jogging or home training for your healthy body.
I’m going to wrap up my blog.
Everybody has a lot of appointments for Friday night.
Some days it’s quiet.
The day you don’t have an appointment.
There’s a day like today if it overlaps.
Perfect number of people for exercise. Friday sounds good.
It’s good for young people to sit down and rest after the exercise.
No wonder the water bottle is laid holy.
It was hot last Friday.
Come and enjoy your sweat after work.
Welcome to the sports world.
You’re the first person to start working with jiujitsu.
With the musician Jamie Song.
I hope you will have more fun exercising in the future.
Crazy March snowstorm.
for about a week in a row.
One person I’ve been through…
Even the snow that was piled up like this.
I can’t help but feel spring in March.
I’ve had an untimely winter for a long time.
I don’t want to go through it again.
We’ve got a banner that couldn’t be worked on due to heavy snow.
Shall we walk?
Elementary school main gate and rear gate installation completed
Installation completed at the entrance of Jiu-Jitsu Gymnasium
It’s a promotional event, but we’re going to be happy to see this banner.
My face is in full bloom with laughter.
He’s a player who’s going to grow even more.
In our jujitsu,
I’m always rooting for you and working hard together.
I’m determined to take a step further.
Because of this match, our jiujitsu.
The eyes of Yoo, the boys and girls are clearly in the air.
He’s changed.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s just the beginning.
The next stars are you.
Let’s sweat and fall in love with Jiu-Jitsu.
Our cuties…
Recently, the academic background has led to an increase in sports and entertainment.
I’ve been watching the news day after day.
A lot of parents, once again,
Be alert to school violence.
You’re asking us a lot of questions.
It’s absolutely not supposed to happen, but…
Contrary to our wishes,
The children who are openly committed and sacrificed.
In this truly difficult world.
Now he has to protect himself.
It’s like being thrown alone into the world like a jungle gym.
The reality that children are experiencing…
It’s like teenagers are building memories with their friends.
I hope you enjoy your adolescence.
Shouldn’t we all be interested in protecting them?
I want a clean education without school violence.
Finish today’s diary…

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