A solid and simple design like a German clock

The weather is warmer now. We’ve got a lot fewer confirmed cases, which is a better year than last year.

I want to go out and go on a trip abroad that I planned before Corona came up. I hope it will be a warm vacation and a vacation day soon. As many people will say, 2020 started with a lot of expectations, but it was a very difficult year personally.

When you go out to defeat Corona with the same mind this year, please wear a mask and please keep your attention to personal hygiene !In Japan, a YouTuber travels through many cities without a mask, with thousands of people

They 레플리카 contacted him, and he finally got a positive.

I hope that you will be punished and awakened by how much the immoral behavior of a person causes a great wave. In Korea, there are ridiculous dramas like this in the news these days.

I just want to see the news. After the holiday season, I go back to my daily life and all the neighbors are fighting!The item to introduce today is the pride of the German watch brand and the Senato Panorama of the next generation popular brand of Classic Watch.

It’s a date Moonface model! I think it’s a brand that has a very modern and luxurious image and is showing Germany’s neat and sophisticated design spirit!The product I bought is a perfect classic watch.

The Senato collection was first introduced in 1999

This is the last collection I’ve ever announced before I was acquired by a Swatch company. The design suggests that the model I bought is a steel case.

Maximize the classiness. The case size is 39mm in diameter! The dial plate is set with a white-toned dial plate with a very matte texture. Hands and indexes are a simple blue dagger hand unique to the Glaste brand

It’s a number type. The tip of the second hand handle contains the Glaste logo details. Ten o’clock has a luxurious doorface. Below is the appearance of the Glaste Original logo imprinted! unique simple

I think the logo looks really good with the product. The dialboard 4 o’clock is a shrinking index and a panorama dating window. With a sophisticated and practical dial configuration, I really recommend it with a unique classic watch of men

It’s a product you want! Dial colors are white, silver, and black. Personally, white is the most beautiful classic watch. It would be the most reasonable choice for men who usually wear shirts or suits

The backcase can observe the movement of the heavy gold rotor of 18k through the see-through bag Rotor is also made with the original logo of Glaste. it easily kicks and it takes off while minimizing the leather damage through the debuckle connected to the leather band

It is designed to be built

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