Black skyning completes a more refined yard garden.

Hello, this is Siwon System!
How did you spend your weekend? It was too short a weekend to spend all your hobbies and other things you’ve postponed with your friends, right?
I’d like to have a great time with me so that you can have a fresh new week.
We’re going to look at the spectacular spaces in Skyning, explain the full information, and give you visual satisfaction.
Today, I will introduce you to the skyning installed in the townhouse in Suwon City! My heart is pounding!
I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of skyning makes us excited. Let’s meet now.

Skyning on the Terrace of Townhouse in Suwon City

I could feel your modernity in this shaky photograph.

Even in the unfocused photos, you can fully feel the modernity and robustness of skyning.
It’s a standard-height column, but it looks especially high.
The column looks higher because of the relatively short width of the skyning.
This skyning is also an electric skyning with the product of the cool system, Dritoro.
The electric type is relatively stronger than the passive type and is superior in safety.
The biggest difference is how to open and close the blade.
The difference is whether it is powered by an electric motor or a manual gear by adjusting the blade to catch or prevent sunlight!

This skyning is designed to fit the long deck size.
Two 1900m*4500m skylights were connected to create a space.
Our cool system skyning is a system that is manufactured on site, and it is designed and installed to fit the space regardless of the narrow, wide, short, or long length.
I think this is the biggest contribution to achieving the highest satisfaction of our customers.
Three columns were erected outside the yard, and the wall was finished with a wall-shaped structure.
The process of wall-shaped without columns is also well finished to prevent problems in the frame due to the technology of the cooling system that holds it firmly and firmly.
The built pillars also have a foundation underneath to further enhance stability.

Doesn’t it go well with the black and white building?
Black skyning completes a more refined yard garden.
I think even the cloudy weather is expressed in a moody way.
What if we had only a deck without skyning on a rainy day like this? This big, long space is supposed to be a place to get out of, right?
However, with the presence of skyning, this space is not a place to escape, but a special place to enjoy the romance of cloudy days more vividly.
This special and convenient space is not given anywhere. It can only be realized in this skyning, where the hard work and technology of the cooling system are gathered.

The skyning that connected the two dongs worked neatly as if it were one!
The cooling system skyning is made of aluminum for both column blade frames.
Blades prevent rain and columns drain rainwater, boasting high practicality.
The material is aluminum, so water does not rust after rain.
The biggest advantage is that you can use it semi-permanently as it is because it does not rust and does not discolor.
It 스카이어닝 complements corrosion, the biggest disadvantage of wood and iron materials!

You saw the skyning installed in Suwon today, how was it?
I think it was a good project to see the advantages of cooling system skyning.
Skyning is an outdoor furniture that is used in outdoor spaces, not indoors.
That’s why you can use private homes with yard gardens, townhouse terraces, or veranda more efficiently than in expanded apartments!
If you live in a house, you have a big dream about decorating a yard or garden. We, Siwon Systems Skyning, will help you make the best use of this precious space!
It’s only up to us to help you. You know it’s up to you to enjoy it.

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