I really liked it.

Not long ago, I had a Gangnam couple massage with you
I went to pick it up and it was really nice
I found a shop.
You’re very strict
I usually go to famous places
I’ve been busy grumbling, but this time
You must’ve liked it. You said you liked it so much
He didn’t spare any praise.
You want to come to me again next time
I even got an appointment.

The case spa we visited this time is
Couple terra blood and skin and body
It is famous for its professional healing center.
Celebrities come here often, too
That alone makes me feel that it is quite popular.
It’s also at Apgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 6
It’s close, so I think I’ll be able to make it easy
I made a reservation here and visited.

Never take off your mask at the entrance
There was a notice saying not to do it.
These days, the state of affairs is in a state of affairs
It seemed like you were doing a thorough quarantine.
The temperature is 37 degrees for other guests’safety
They say you can’t enter if you cross the line
Please refer to it.

When I entered the store, you really did
I was happy that you welcomed me kindly
He was very kind when he explained.
Even the first person to get care of
So that I can get a Gangnam couple massage
He told me in detail.

The interior is luxurious
To the extent that I can say I’m the final king
The atmosphere was different.
When I first saw him, I couldn’t help but admire him
I know why it’s called a professional healing center.
You’re taking care of her in such a beautiful place
Now that I think about it, I’m really excited.

To get a better care
It must be necessary to change into comfortable clothes.
I don’t have to change if I get partial care
You don’t have to
I was going to get it, so I wore a gown
I went to the powder room to change.

After that, I went inside
I was more surprised than I thought
I was much prettier.
Usually the fitting room just passes by
He didn’t really care because it was space
Don’t miss every single corner of this place
They decorated it neatly and in a good mood.

The cabinet in the room
There’s a lock on it. I want to
I could either lock it or unlock it.
I don’t know if anyone else bought my stuff
I’ll leave it in a passing place
When I think about it, I can’t help but be nervous
I was relieved that there was a lock.

Dress neatly as the cabinet is big
It was also good that I could organize it.
I think I should change into a gown
Not only your coat, but the clothes you wore inside
I need a lot of space because I have to put them all in
It’s a relief that it’s big.

You can decorate my body as it’s a powder room
It’s a big thing for makeup
There was a mirror.
Not just in the mirror, like combs and hairdryers
With the tools you need to get ready
It was very sensible of you to prepare it.

Also, the products prepared by Gangnam Couple Massage
It was well organized.
The towel will fold to make it look good
You put them neatly.
You can put it in a place that’s easy to find
It was good to take it out whenever I needed it.

Luckily, I kissed you on the towel
You’re supposed to wash this a few times
It gets dry and stiff.

Then it’ll be hard to use it
Did you change this place to a new one on time
You can use it in a good mood
I was providing towels.
Come outside after you change your clothes
I wasn’t able to look around
I really enjoyed the interior.
I think skills are more important than usual
I wasn’t interested in interior decoration
Let’s take a look at the good places
Why are you all doing this
I understand if I’m arguing.

On one side of this shop
The place where I can take a foot bath
It’s ready.
You’re wearing shoes this day
My feet hurt in warm water
It was a relief that I could dip my feet.

And it’s not just normal water
You can add foot bath as well.
There are a lot of different kinds
I could choose what I like
They all smell good
I think I’ll feel good whatever I get.

The most impressive thing was the one on the wall
It was the autograph of celebrities.
At first, stars often come to see him
I didn’t think much when I heard about it
It’s been so long since I saw you like this
I can feel whether it was a famous place.
People I used to like
I saw quite a lot.

I’m taking a rest while looking around
We’ll drink it
He brought it to me by car.
I wish I had something to drink
I was thinking about it and you’re very sensible.
So that anyone can drink tea
He chose one with a good taste and aroma.

After drinking warm tea
I felt better too.
If your muscles are tight
I was nervous unconsciously
It takes more energy to drink tea
It was solved as if I did it.

Just like this, Gangnam couple massage
I went into the inner room for fun
The room was cozy and stylish
I really liked it.

강남안마 Seats for couples too
They arranged it face to face.
If we get footbath together, we should sit next to each other
Most of the time, I always had to turn around
This time, let’s face each other
We were able to talk comfortably.

The romantic foot bath you get here
You gave me a massage, too
I had a really happy time because it was cool.

It’s been a while since I took a rest
It’s been a long time.

Our store was close to the station
I didn’t feel the need to bring the car
I just took the subway
I found out that there was a separate parking lot.
So even if I brought a car
You could have gotten it comfortably.

Other people are with their lovers
Romantic Gangnam couple massage
If you want to enjoy it, please visit here.
You and I didn’t expect much
This is where I came out in a good mood.
I’ll visit you whenever I have time
I’d like to get treatment.

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